• “I have been enjoying acting and life coaching sessions with Laura for 18 months, and throughout that time, I feel that I have developed significantly both as a person as well as an actor and writer.   Laura has consistently and enthusiastically encouraged me to feel more confident, more expressive and more emotionally open throughout this time and this support has been (and continues to be) an invaluable resource which will hopefully lead to bigger and greater things in the future. “
  • “Laura’s classes are the highlight of my week. A gifted and flexible teacher as well as a creative and lateral thinker, she adapts with ease to the individual learner and tailors her classes to suit the student’s personal wishes and needs. She is adept at identifying weaknesses to work on and bringing out strengths to build on. She is the most caring, supportive, and encouraging of tutors, and her classes are always well prepared.” 

  • “Your sessions have completely changed my life. I feel liberated in a way I couldn’t have imagined.”
  • “The classes are fun, imaginative and very supportive. You are such an enthusiastic teacher!”
  • “The skills that you draw on for our sessions are so powerful and it’s amazing how applicable they are in so many areas of my life.”
  • “He has come on incredibly. He loves the classes and I can already see huge amounts more confidence.”