LAMDA Acting Examinations

UnknownThe London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art was founded as a drama school in 1861 and started offering examinations to the public in the 1880’s. They have a reputation for excellence worldwide.

The LAMDA acting syllabus is hugely popular.

If there are enough candidates taking exams at the same time I hire a venue. Otherwise the nearest centres are Cheltenham, Swindon & London.

Exam fees vary from £20 – £60 as you go up through the grades.

The higher level exams; bronze, silver and gold are all accredited and count towards your UCAS Tariff. As I’m sure you can imagine, this can come in handy!

In LAMDA acting classes we will prepare monologues or duologues that suit you best and show off your talents and skills as an actor.

You can enter most of these as a solo performer, a duo or combined. Scripts can be from plays, tv or screenplays or adapted from a novel.