Acting Classes

gold and red maskActing is reacting and there are many things an actor needs to take into account before they are ready to simply relax and react. I will teach you ways to explore what the character’s situation is, how they are feeling and what they are trying to achieve.  1to1 acting classes can be hugely rewarding and a very safe forum in which to explore and experiment. This is essential for any actor and will help set you on your path to finding your own method and approach.

The LAMDA syllabus is a great structure to follow but I also have plenty of clients who prefer to just train with me for their own development without an actual exam.  I focus a lot on presence, truth and text as well as using improvisation techniques.

These acting classes are also fantastically useful if you are preparing for drama school auditions; that all important outside eye.


“I love Acting.  It is so much more real than life” Oscar Wilde